Here at Oracle we can’t do everything by ourselves, we help ensuring everything is done correctly and to the best of our abilities, that is why we joined up with partners. They help from behind the scenes and ensure we can keep Oracle running smoothly, whether this be the employers who provide our students with apprenticeships or the companies which allow our students to study abroad.

The Employers

At Oracle we can only teach you so much, to get a feel for the job we require local salon owners to take you as an apprentice, this allows you to get the full experience of which hair or beauty sector you wish to pursue.

Sub Contractors

Sub Contractor services are engaged with by Oracle to strengthen the quality of our service and the quality of our business. We always want the best for everyone who is associated with our company.


We offer a student exchange program with different beauty schools all around the world, allowing our students to see what the role they wish to do is like on the other side of the world.

Charity Work

Here at Oracle we always do our best to support local charities and many other voluntary organisations because we provide the best chance for everyone, the variety of methods we have used to raise money is brilliant, find out about them by clicking the button below.