What Do People Say About Oracle?

Here at Oracle we are always trying to guarantee people are happy with everything we do, that is why we openly except reviews through our social media, they let us know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong, identifying our problems and fixing them is thanks to the reviews we receive, we improve ourselves through feedback so please provide us with some on our social media account.

“Highly recommended! Loved being part of the beauty group and learning new useful skills….oh and I’m 45! Don’t let age hold you back!”  – Valerie (Beauty Level 3)

“Doing Level 3 has helped me build my confidence whilst doing client’s hair but also communicating with clients” – Saffron (Hair Level 3)

“Completing level 3 has helped me gain more confidence in my work and with clients which has helped me get a job in a high end salon” – Hannah (Hair Level 3)

I have been going to Oracle for years,the friendly atmosphere, super tutors, and the lovely students who have done my hair,do make a huge difference, not only appearance, the relaxation, but saving money. I have met some wonderful trainee hairdressers and seen just how hard it is to train and how much they learn. I enjoy each session getting my hair done, and the treatments upstairs with the lovely beauticians. A very well run establishment with great staff – Ruth

Great facilities for training in Hair and Beauty! Friendly staff and fab atmosphere – Emma

What isn’t there to like about oracle training consultants? – Trevor

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